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Pearzap logo

Pearzap Fantom

Pearzap is a yield farm launching on Fantom network with previous lauches on both Polygon and BSC.
polybeta finance

PolyBeta Finance

PolyBETA Finance is the 2nd layer (L2) of PolyAlpha Finance and 3rd layer (L3) of PolygonFarm’s community-led stable-yield farming protocol established exclusively on the Polygon ecosystem.
Polywise Finance logo

Polywise Finance

Polywise Finance is a yield farming protocol and is set to launch on Polygon on September 20th.
Polyalpha Finance

Polyalpha Finance

Polyalpha Finance is the layer 2 yield farm to Polygon Farm (SPADE).
Polypulsar gamma logo

Polypulsar Gamma

Polypulsar gamma is a hybrid yield farm and blockchain game (play to earn) featuring NFTs.
Astro Farms Finance Virgo Logo

Astro Farms Virgo

Astro Farms Virgo is the third layer yield farm by the Astro team. This layer brings some unique features like NFT powerups.