Astro Farms Virgo is the third mission (layer) in an every growing series of yield farms set to launch August 24th. They base all of their layers on astrological signs. They have KYC’d with Rugdoc and signaled their transparency. In fact, no one on the team will be minted any tokens.


Token: Virgo

Token Contract: 0x91Abdd640a952e129a67C98ca166d9a97b1AeDBA

Initial Supply: 10,000

Max Supply: unlimited

Emissions: 0.05 Virgo/ block

Chart: Poocoin Chart

Astro Powerup NFT’s (2x multipliers)

NFT’s are being introduced for each of the four signs with pricing starting at 0.1 ETH and can be purchased on OpenSea. Purchasing both the NFT and the shield you will be able to increase the weight on any pool you join (including non natives), and thus your earning potential.

Astro NFTs on Opensea

NFT Shields

LEO Shield: cost is 0.1 Leo

CANCER Shield: cost is 250 Cancer

NEPTUNE Shield: cost is 100 Neptune

VIRGO Shield: cost is 100 Virgo

For more information visit


The currently have 3 dividends vaults where you can stake Virgo to earn blue chip coins; Wmatic, WBTC, and WETH.

Dividends vaults

Previous Layers

For information on their previous layer visit Astro Farms Neptune

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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