Iridium Finance is a parallel farm to Platinum Finance. You can stake both PLATIN (the layer 1 token) or IRID token to earn IRID. Faming began July 26th (for exact time click the countdown link).

The dev announced in the Telegram that he will be adding dividends pools within a couple days where you can stake Iridium and Platinum to earn Bitcoin.

Iridium Finance Tokenomics

Initial liquidity was 450 added to QuickSwap and locked. 100 Coins were added to a loyalty pool 48 hours prior to farming began for plat holders to stake and earn Iridium prior to emissions starting. Another 100 tokens was reserved for partnerships for a total of 650 tokens in the initial mint.

Emissions: 0.004 IRID/ Block

Max Supply: 3850

Low market cap



RugDoc has them listed as some risk but the dev KYC’d the first time around with the Platinum farm.


PolyVortex Finance you can now stake Platinum/USDc LP on Polyvertex to receive VERT. Currently the daily APR is just under 5%.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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