Pearzap was originally launched on the Polygon network (check out their Polygon listing), and then BSC. Their third installment will be launched on the Fantom network on October 11th at 5 a.m. UTC.

There is limited information on this launch as of yet but check out their socials; Telegram and Twitter. You can also read more about their launch on their Medium blog.


Contract address : 0x7c10108d4b7f4bd659ee57a53b30df928244b354

Format : ERC20 (BEP20 compatible)

Initial mint: 2.2 million Pear tokens

Transfer tax: 2% on buying and selling the token

Supply : Capped to maximum 60,000,000 $PEAR (across all networks/chains).

Tokens will be minted for the presale and then via the Masterchef contract to be distributed in farms and pools. An active burn mechanisms is in place and the maximum mint per block fixed by the Masterchef contract.

Liquidity has been added on SpiritSwap

Referral Contract

You will earn 1% of each friend reward from farm and pools if they use your link to start farming at PearZap.

  • This system is automatic, no action needed from you!
  • The reward will be sent automatically each time your referrals collect their $PEAR.
  • True passive income!
  • Referrals do not lose 1% to his/her referrer Instead, the MasterChef smart-contract will mints an extra 1% and send directly to referrer.

Rewards Locker

From the launch date to ~21 days (3 weeks), 50% of all harvested rewards will be send to a locker contract and then smooth unlocked on a block per block basis.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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