Pearzap is a yield farm on Polygon network with high emissions rate of 4 and a 50% lockup period on harvest. They currently have a 2% transfer tax when buying and selling which is used for automatic buybacks and burns. They also have an early withdrawal fee of 10% if you withdraw before the 72 hour period is up.

50% of rewards are held in a locker contract which will be available for harvest at a later date.

On chain referral system allowing you to earn 1% from all of your referrals

1% anti-whale

Pearzap Tokenomics

Name : Pear Token
Ticker : PEAR
Contract address : 0xc8bcb58caEf1bE972C0B638B1dD8B0748Fdc8A44
Chain : Polygon chain
Format : ERC20 (BEP20 compatible)
Supply : Capped to maximum 60,000,000 $PEAR.

Tokens will be minted for the presale and then via the Masterchef contract to be distributed in farms and pools. An active burn mechanisms is in place and the maximum mint per block fixed by the Masterchef contract.

Poocoin Chart


Audit by Techrate

Timelock (12 hours)

Ownership of Transfer Tax

Auto-Burn mechanisms

  • Burn on each transaction : 2 % of each $PEAR transaction is burnt
  • Burn on farm and pool distribution : 2 % of each newly minted $PEAR token is automatically burnt
  • Burn on withdrawal fee : 10% of $PEAR rewards are burnt if the withdrawal from farms/pools occurs within 3 days (native farms & pools involving PEAR are not affected, PEAR-WMATIC LP, PEAR-USDC LP, PEAR, …)

Launch Locker

For the first 21 days half of the harvest will be sent to a to a locker and will be distributed smoothly block by block 21 days after launch starting at block #17790000. This will help stabilize the price and prevent massive dumping.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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