Polyalpha Finance is the layer 2 yield farm for Polygon Farm which featured the SPADE token. Layer 2 comes with some additional features (see below).

They have been audited by both Certik and Paladin and have KYC’d with RugDoc and been given a “low risk” rating.


Polyalpha has adopted a low emissions low supply approach.

Token: Alpha

Initial Mint: 650

Max Supply: 9300

Emissions: 0.011 Alpha / Block

Contract Address: 0x0B048D6e01a6b9002C291060bF2179938fd8264c

Chart: Poocoin Chart

Liquidity Pairs

Alpha / Matic (24x pool weight) Quickswap

Alpha / USDc (23.4x pool weight) Jetswap

Alpha / USDc (7x pool weight) Apeswap

Spade / USDc (7x pool weight) Apeswap

Additional Features

In addition to single stake and liquidity pools, Polyalpha will also be launching auto-compounding vaults, dividend pools, lottery, loyalty rewards, and NFTs.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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