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UPDATE 2: Polycat has now launched their DEX and most of liquidity has been removed from Quickswap and added to Polycat. Buy and sell PAW on Polycat going forward https://trade.polycat.finance/#/swap. They have also added initial pools. Farming begins in a day or two.

UPDATE 1: IFO has ended and you can now buy paw on QuickSwap | import the token using the contract address: 0x6971aca589bbd367516d70c3d210e4906b090c96

Farming should begin in early August. Currently no PAW pool but they should be coming sometime in the next few days. I’ll update when I have further information.

Emissions for the fish token are sadly coming to an end. Polycat Finance is currently hosting an IFO where you can exchange 1 FISH for 20 PAW (their new token). All of the fish exchanged will be burned, reducing the total supply of FISH available on the market and thus making it deflationary.

Polycat PAW Chart

Poocoin Chart

Vested Rewards

PAW rewards will be vested and dripped out slowly at a rate of 0.0008 per block over a 30 day period. This should help prevent massive dumping and maintain the price.


There is 2.5 mil PAW for sale and a total of 125,000 FISH will be burned at then end of the initial offering. For every FISH you exchange you will receive 20 PAW.

How to take part (SPECIAL PAW IFO 🐾)

Before Sale:

During Sale:
While the sale is live, commit your FISH to buy PAW
(1 FISH will get you 20 PAW). Your FISH will be used to give you PAW.

All the committed FISH will be BURNED, causing the FISH supply to be more scarce and FISH to go up. 📈

After Sale:
Claim the PAW you bought, along with any unspent funds (if it goes over 100% of the goal).

NOTE: The countdown is for the PAW IFO which has already started.

Polycat Finance website redesign

Polycat has redesigned their website but it’s still in BETA. At some point, I believe they will migrate the new look to their main domain but in the meantime you can check out their new look by clicking the link below:

Polycat BETA

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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