Polypulsar Gamma is a hybrid platform for yield farming and PvP (player Vs player) blockchain gaming. This is the 4th layer in their journey to create an MMORPG game on the blockchain. They have been given a med risk rating by Rugdoc. Their previous layer is rated “Low Risk”.


GPUL: 0x40ed0565eCFB14eBCdFE972624ff2364933a8cE3
GBNT: 0x8c9aAcA6e712e2193acCCbAC1a024e09Fb226E51
Initial Supply: 2 million

Max Supply: unlimited

Initial price: $0.005 (MATIC LP)
Slippage: 9% normally (you need it 49% if you want to buy early)
Antiwhale: 3%
Liquidity time: 9 p.m. UTC

Liquidity will be added on Polycat DEX

Chart: Poocoin chart

Hunter NFT

Contract: 0xb743285d3254c3c3ad00338dc6464a75a8da5f51

Hunter is an NFT you can purchase with GPUL and send him on various missions to level up and earn GBNT; their game rewards token. The first mission is

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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