UPDATE 1: Developer has communicated in the group that he will KYC for the launch of Layer 3 BALL.

UPDATE: Developer has KYC’d with Rugdoc and is now “low risk”

PolyPup Ball will be the layer 3 farm and is set to launch on AUG 9th. There will be a couple of early pools for PUP and BONE holders from AUG 5th through the 9th. They have been reviewed on RugDoc and listed as “some risk”. No pools have been added to the MC just yet which is the reason for the risk rating being what it is.

The developers from this farm have KYC’d for the first two and I imagine this one will be no different so we will most likely see that risk rating lowered.

They have been fully audited by Palladin. (view the audit)

PolyPup Ball Tokenomics

Token: BALL

Initial Mint: 4000 BALL (3,500 to be added to liquidity, 500 tokens for the early pools)

Max Supply: 94,000

Emissions: 0.05 BALL/Block

PUP and BONE holders will be able to earn BALL token shortly after the stealth launch on BONE Dividends by staking PUP or BONE tokens (Aug 5th)

Layered farming for continued utility of all tokens

New profit sharing Dapp will be released that will reward Polypup users (TBA)

BALL token address: 0x883aBe4168705d2e5dA925d28538B7a6AA9d8419

Deposit Fees

30% of fees will be used for Dividends to give back to BALL holders

70% will be used for advertising, partnerships, buybacks and dev fee.

Devs will never sell a single token.

PolyPup Paw Listings

Dapp Radar

Coin Gecko (coming soon)

Vfat (coming soon)

Early Pools For Pup And Bone Holders

To incentivize holders of the first two layer tokens (PUP and BONE), there will be two early pools starting on August 5th. Stake PUP to earn BALL and stake BONE to earn BALL.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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