Polywantsacracker Yield Farm

PolyWantsACracker Yield Farm

The project developer of PolyWantsACracker Yield Farm has KYC’d with RugDoc, assigned a low risk rating, and the contracts have been audited by Paladin. Here is the Paladin Audit.

PolyWantsACracker Presale (ended)

  • 30% Presale (30,000 LITHIUM @ $5.00/LITHIUM = $150,000)
  • 7.5% initial liquidity, provided at 2x presale price (7,500 LITHIUM valued @ $10.00 + 75,000 USDC)
  • 62.5% farmed at the rate of 0.10 LITHIUM/block (62,500 LITHIUM ≈ 14 days @ 2 seconds/block)

Buy LITHIUM token on QuickSwap

Future Plans

Written in the Gitbook the developer hints about futures layers and further utility of the LITHIUM token with new “revolutionary features” that have been in development months prior to Polywantsacracker launch. These new features for the second farm will be revealed while the first one is ongoing.

Additional Links

Poocoin Chart

Vfat listing

Coin Gecko

Future Layer

Stadium Arcadium will be the next layer with two proprietary tokens, “ARCADIUM” and “MYFRIENDS”. The presale will commence shortly after emissions for LITHIUM stop. Farming will begin shortly after the token swap and short pre-farm trading period.

There will also be a referral system. Both the referrer and referral with receive a 3% commission on all ARCADIUM rewards harvested by the the person referred. These bonuses will come from newly minted ARCADIUM and not each other’s rewards.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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