Update: The Telegram group was mass reported and because of that Telegram deleted the group. This seems to be some type of coordinated attack. There was a new group created. This post has been updated to reflect those changes.

Polywise Finance is yield farming protocol similar to that of Polyalpha Finance. They have KYC’d and locked their liquidity with Rugdoc. They have also been audited by Paladin (click to view the audit).

The developer has signaled his transparency and is trying to provide a safe place for investors to earn yields.


Ticker: $WISE

Contract address: ​0x4c19DdeebAF84cA3A255730295AD9d824D4Ff51f

Chain: Polygon Network

Maximum supply: 5400

Emissions: 0.007

Dex: Quickswap (visit the website to purchase)

Pre-minted WISE tokens:

  • 100 WISE will be pre-minted to provide initial liquidity
  • Listing price: $50
  • Locked liquidity: LP tokens generated through providing initial liquidity will be locked with Rugdoc.

Deposit fee distribution:

  • 70% of the deposit fees will be used for marketing and partnerships
  • 15% of the deposit fees will be redistributed to WISE holders via dividends
  • 15% of the deposit fees will be rewarded to the team.


Dex Guru Chart

Poocoin Chart




They have plans to list on the following:

  • Dapp Radar (listed)
  • Coin Market Cap (in progress)
  • Coin Gecko (in progress)

Liquidity Pairs

Wise / USDc (40x pool weight) Quickswap

Wise / Matic (40x pool weight) Quickswap

Polywise Finance Features

Along with single stake pools, and liquidity pools, Polywise Finance will also employ dividends vaults and an auto compounding wise vault called auto-wise. The dividend pools will pay out in USDc , Matic, ETH and the pools will be funded from the deposit fees (see fee distribution above).

For more information visit their docs.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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