UPDATE 2: They are currently adding DDOS protection to the website and will be back up shortly.

UPDATE: Token has launched; the chart is on DexTools, and Poocoin

Vfat Tools Listing: https://vfat.tools/polygon/polyyork

Masterchef is behind a 24 hour timelock

PolyYork Finance bears a striking similarity to PolyPup. This appears to be a fork of PUP with some minor differences. It will be a layered farm with low emissions and further utility of the YORK token in future layers. The Developer has KYC’d with RugDoc and it is marked as “Low Risk”.


Token Symbol: YORK

Initial mint of 3000 tokens

Max supply of 31,000 tokens

Layered farming for continued earning on generation 1 tokens

Emissions: 0.05 York/Block (This appears to be the only difference from PolyPup)

Contract: 0x21dE43d96CFddd203DA3352545E0054534776652

PolyYork Finance Launch

PolyYork fair launch countdown time 29.07.2021 (16:00 UTC)

Liquidity will be added to QuickSwap (buy link)

PolyYORK farm launch time 02.08.2021 (16:00 UTC)

There is NO pre-sale

Initial price will be set at 0.5 USDc per YORK

Timelock will be added once pools are added

Following liquidity, dev will add pools to Masterchef and users will be able to stake tokens

From The Team

“We are a team of experienced blockchain developers, tired of scams on the market. We worked on different well known DeFi projects and decided to join our efforts to create protocol for safe farms. Our mission is to develop secure and safe environment for forking smart contracts.”


DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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