UPDATE: The USDc presale sold out 750k in less than a min!

Stadium Arcadium is a layer 2 yield farm and blockchain that you can own (layer 1 is Polywantsacracker). The developer KYC’d with Rugdoc for both layer 1 and now again for layer 2 and has been given a “low risk” rating. The website is still under development and farming is set to begin on August 15th (check the countdown for exact date and time).

Stadium Arcadium flow chart
Flow Chart

Stadium Arcadium Tokens

Stadium Arcadium takes user benefits to a whole new level. There is two proprietary tokens; “arcadium” and “my friends”. All pools will emit both of the tokens.

“My Friends” Token

“My friends” is the ownership token that grants platform revenue to stakers in the form of dividends by single staking in the “my friends” pool (This is a revolutionary new concept).

Note: “My Friends” LP pools, although they will have high multipliers, will NOT receive dividends.

Dividends And Tokenomics

75% of the 4% deposit fee (equal to 3% of the 4% deposit fee)

3% of the 6.66% transfer tax

50% of platform Dapp beginning with layer 3

100% of Lithium liquidity funds payable shortly after lithium swap period

Max supply: 100,000 my friends tokens

Pre minted: 80,000 tokens

45,000 of those 80,000 pre-minted tokens will be used for the presale and the rest for infrastructure, creators and initial liquidity (see below).

Initial liquidity 2500 tokens

No transfer fees on the “My friends” token.

Contract address: 0xa509Da749745Ac07E9Ae47E7a092eAd2648B47f2

Arcadium Token

Arcadium is the standard yield token for all pools with a transfer fee of either 0 or 6.66% depending on what type of transaction. Below is a breakdown of when you are taxed and when you are not.

0 Tax Transactions

  • Harvesting
  • Staking
  • Unstaking
  • Buying from AMM
  • Transferring to and from the contract

6.66% Tax Transactions

  • Dumping the token (selling)

Distribution of Transfer Tax

The 6.66% transfer tax will be distributed as follows:

Arcadium Tokenomics

Starting supply: 325,000 Arcadium tokens

Max Supply: Soft cap of 1 million tokens (additional tokens will be minted for referrals)

Initial Liquidity: 50,000 (any not used for initial liquidity will be reserved for partnerships)

Emissions: The initial emissions will start out very high (69.2/block) then rapidly decay to 1% of initial value within 2 hours. The first two hours will emit the equivalent of 23 hours at the minimum emission level. The emissions will then double over the rest of the two week emissions period.

The developer has dubbed this “the mirror to the moon” emission pattern.

Presale Schedule for Lithium Holders

Layer 1 Lithium holders will have the first opportunity to exchange their tokens for a combination of “Arcadium” and “My friends” tokens beginning on Aug 9th and ending on Aug 11th. Presale starts at block 17794601. This is the block directly after Lithium farming ends.

Presale Schedule for Purchase With USDc

Anyone that wants to purchase with USDc will begin 48 hours after Lithium farming has ended (Aug 11th) Block 17881001. The presale will end about 48 hours later and liquidity will be provided shortly after.

Presale page: https://stadiumarcadium.farm/presale/

Presale Token Contracts

PRE-MYFRIENDS Address: 0xe7280E6b0E8589c70576d3bd22BBe245d481Cf99

PRE-ARCADIUM Address: 0x273FE932bC9792b6cDA3C837A5231CE3F0Da21d9

USDc Presale Funds Distribution

  • 50% for initial liquidity
  • 15% for infrastructure
  • 20% for dev salaries
  • 15% for buyback

Swapping Presale Tokens for Farming Tokens

This will occur shortly after the USDc presale and liquidity is added with an approximate date of Aug 13th – 14th at block 18012400.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be considered investment advice and always DYOR

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